The History of Washington, DC

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Washington, DC

Over the course of his anesthesiology career, Dr. Richard Epstein has practiced in both Maryland and Washington, DC. Dr. Richard Epstein enjoys learning about the history of his country and of the city in which he has lived and worked.

Washington, DC, became the capital of the United States upon its establishment on July 16, 1790. At the time, the city was the center of the new nation. President George Washington selected the location after hearing arguments from both the northern and southern states, both of which wanted a capital sympathetic to their interests.

The land for the city came from Maryland and Virginia, and the design was the brainchild of Pierre Charles L’Enfant. It featured broad streets and a grid system with the Capitol Building at the center. The Congress first convened at this location, still under construction, in 1800.

The Capitol Building, along with the White House and Library of Congress, survived for little more than 20 years before their destruction during the War of 1812. The district subsequently shrunk in size and in population, though it expanded again with the influx of individuals who had been freed from slavery after the Civil War. A redesign occurred in 1901, and the city has since continued to develop, though its non-state status means that residents still do not have voting representatives in the federal government.

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